The Australian and international world of superyachts will gather over two days for the 2nd annual Australian Superyacht Rendezvous at Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard. During the event, more than $200 million of the world’s finest superyachts will line up as the “Who is who” of nautical glamour. The event throws a spotlight on the Australian’s superyacht industry in terms of tourism and economic. Over the two days, guests will rendezvous in the best of nautical glamour style to discuss the business end of superyachts, embark on yacht hopping the 18 superyachts and celebrating Australia’s superyacht industry with two high glamour parties.

This VIP invite only event of up to 250 invited guests will experience a sumptuous cocktail sunset to celebrate the Australian Superyacht industry. The event will showcase superyachts for sale and charter. Qualified guests will experience tours which include exclusive luxury offerings onboard participating superyachts. Guests will also enjoy rum, gin and vodka bars onboard luxury superyachts, dine on sumptuous sandcrab and even pearl meat and be entertained by singer-songwriter siblings, the Brentwood Duo. The Italian Benetti Yachts considered the maestros of the superyacht design world and the world’s largest shipbuilding yard has its eye set on Australia and will be greeting guests with an Italian themed dessert station. The night will finish with a bang of fireworks.

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