After presenting their first dual-designer runway show at the second Sustainable New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to wide acclaim, Noosa based sustainable fashion designer Debra Cheyne and Melbourne based jewellery designer Angela Clark have been inundated with interest in their garments and jewellery.

The dynamic Aussie duo are optimistic about the future of repurposed textiles and items and its capacity to reduce the harm it causes to our environment.  Debra, owner of Butterscotch Castle, teamed up with Angela, owner of Angela Clark Boutique, to present their sustainable fashion lines at the Manhattan event.  Sustainable NYFW features the what’s next in sustainable fashion and is described by organisers as “a boutique, sustainable luxury exhibition where designers and consumers are sourcing, researching, and supporting environmentally ethical production and business customs in an effort to eliminate excessive and often permanent ecological consequences.”

Debra uses repurposed men’s shirts for her zero-waste designs and turns them into stunning dresses, skirts and shirts for women and children.  Angela uses a blend of traditional and non-traditional materials including vintage and antique components (even recycled bullet cartridges) and reworks them into wearable jewellery while keeping the integrity of the old components. “It was a dream come true to be able to present our handmade Australian collections at NYFW, Debra said. “To have the opportunity to showcase our designs in the world’s fashion capital and spread the message of fashion sustainability at the same time is something we will never forget.” Angela said. “I remain committed to repurposing and using quality materials to make jewellery that will become heirlooms of the future. Equally important is that I design my pieces with real women and real bodies in mind, making them sustainable and accessible to all.”  Both women agree that the world’s love of fashion is literally killing the planet.

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