Australian pineapple growers have good news for pina coladas lovers – our nation’s pineapples are now available in winter.

Best known as a summer fruit, pineapple growers want shoppers to know pineapples are available year-round, even in winter. “People are often surprised to learn pineapples are a winter fruit,” said third-generation pineapple grower Ben Clifton, whose farm is just out of Yeppoon in Central Queensland. “It feels like summer year-round up here but for most Aussies, pineapples aren’t a fruit that springs to mind for their winter shopping. We usually have a big harvest starting from July, which means there are lots and lots of pineapples in stores across the country. This year we’ve had great growing conditions and we’ve seen a winter crop produce good-sized, delicious pineapples. Shoppers should know that a pineapple’s skin colour will vary between summer and winter but they’re always ready to eat as soon as they hit stores.”

Celebrity chef and Australian Pineapples ambassador Ben Milbourne has pineapples on his winter shopping list for the sweetness they bring to more traditional winter dishes. “I love experimenting with pineapples, particularly in curries, stir fries, on pizzas and in toasties,” said Ben. “They’re also a perfect partner for fish and pork – try grilling pineapple on the BBQ for a tropical addition to your meat. And of course, they add a taste of summer to lots of desserts. I’m looking forward to sharing some special recipes on how I use pineapples throughout the cooler

There are approximately 35 million pineapples produced in Australia each year, mostly grown across Queensland’s south east, Yeppoon area and to the state’s north. One serve of pineapple is just over half a cup, enough to add a taste of summer to any occasion at any time of year, and they are also an excellent source of vitamin C, perfect for an immune boost over winter.

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