With over 30 years’ experience in architecture and 12 Arch Design Excellence Selection Awards, dion seminara architecture has had a strong and influential focus on sustainable architecture in home renovations, new home designs and bespoke luxury homes. And one of Dion Seminara’s best examples of that is his Ascot Interior, Landscape & Streetscape Renovation.

Most people wouldn’t expect someone to engage an architect to design a doggy door in their home. But this project is a perfect example of why you should keep an open mind when it comes to who designs any changes to your home, regardless of the size of the project.

What started as a small addition to the client’s home to help benefit the lives of their two dachshunds, more inspiring ideas came to mind, to benefit both the dogs and the homeowners.

With a frustratingly dark entry way to the home, this new design provided a brightening effect using added glass panels and a glass door, adding natural light to fill the space. Whilst achieving this look, large format tiles of the home were to be flush against walls and floors to remove any trip hazards for the dogs.

While the interior of a home is important, the exterior can be just as if not more important. So, an outdoor gatehouse was installed out front the home with vibrant landscaping, enhancing and bring life to the overall streetscape of the house.

And the doggy door? It is now more of a stylish, modern ‘doggy gate’, being a full height, obscure glass cavity slider. So, whilst the project had started as something small, the result has been a stunning success, giving the home the lift it need with a beautiful contemporary makeover.

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