Glenfiddich celebrates the unveiling of one of the first Australian whisky bus tours with maverick chef Matt Moran. The Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer, an original 1972 vintage Leyland two storey bus on wheels sitting at more than four metres tall and 10 metres long which has been reconstructed as a high-class premium bar, hydraulic pop-up roof and glinting copper stag head.

Celebrating its pioneering family spirit and maverick tendencies, the Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer will delight whisky enthusiasts and novices from across Australia with a unique taste of the dram and its treasured history, bringing a truly spirited single malt journey to life. Starting at the Good Food & Wine Show in Melbourne, the bus will then travel on to Sydney and Brisbane for the shows, with additional stops along the way. With intimate spirit tastings and delectable food pairings, the sessions will offer the ideal introduction for those beginning their whisky journey and something new for the whisky enthusiasts.

Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, Luke Sanderson will be embarking on an epic three-year journey with the Whisky Wanderer. As part of his tour, he will travel over 9000 kilometres across the country to share his whisky expertise with inquisitive mavericks. “Glenfiddich is renowned worldwide for its mastery and innovation, so we wanted to share this appreciation by bringing a hint of our Scottish Highlands distillery to life in Australia,” said Sanderson. “The Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer is the ultimate whisky dream, moving across the country and sharing a taste of the Glenfiddich craft and tradition. In true Glenfiddich style, our travelling whisky lounge is the ideal experience for both whisky enthusiasts and those looking to try their first Single Malt. Come along and try it for yourself.”

Sanderson will be joined on tour by one of Australia’s greatest food mavericks Matt Moran who has stepped beyond the kitchen to delve into another of one his great loves – whisky. “Glenfiddich’s philosophy for possibilities and innovation is what drew me to this partnership. We share a like-minded passion to push boundaries and continually strive to reach new heights. I’m excited to see what comes next, and of course the opportunity to learn more about their wonderful whisky doesn’t hurt either,” said Moran.

On the Whisky Wanderer, attendees will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of whisky and sample a range of malts from the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky. The Whisky Wanderer will also offer attendees the opportunity to create the perfect gift with their very own personalised bottle of Glenfiddich. A precious thought for your loved ones, attendees can personalise some of the finest in the range.

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