Behind its heritage one-storey façade, The Glasshouse hides a contemporary split-level terrace, that is flooded in light and designed with a meticulous eye for detail. Renovated by interior designer Nina Maya to showcase her business and to be a family home, the three-bedroom property is defined by its central, full-glass lightwell and three-level staircase.

“In many ways, the remodel was dictated by its challenges, the biggest being its dark, narrow living area,” says Nina. “The addition of the central staircase created a column that could be fully glazed on two sides to let in light, while saving floor space.” Here, Nina opted for Stegbar’s Alumiere range, which allows for larger expanses of glass with smaller frames. “I like to start any design with a clean base, so the ability to remove distracting frames from the view of the bamboo in our courtyard, was perfect,” she adds.

The Alumiere fixed lite windows allow light into the home, which then bounces off custom-made, Create Mirror in grey from Stegbar, that line the interior wall of the staircase. The Create Mirror wall was installed in three sections and were the first part of the home to be finished. “I love the tone of these mirrors; the shade is perfect for reflecting light without creating glare. Along with the indoor water feature, they subtly redirect light into the entire living space beautifully,” she adds,  “The Glasshouse is designed to surprise, so we took the opportunity to hide the door of one of the bedrooms within the Create Mirror. This maintains its integrity and makes the most of the light. The Glasshouse gets its name from being more than just a house with a lot of windows, it has glass at its core and throughout, from the two-storey mirrors to the subtle shower screens and the translucent windows to the fully glazed lightwell. It’s amazing what you can do with glass when you work with the right options,” concludes Nina.

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