The world is changing, and with more people travelling now than ever before, the debate over the safety of women often becomes an issue of concern. Women traveling solo have encountered problems in the past, but with more coverage through social media, the mindset is slowly changing as places become safer for them to enjoy and discover. As a result, countries are taking extra precautions to make visitors feel welcomed and secure within their boundaries. Although the following countries are safe places to travel for women, one must always consider the usual travel precautions no matter where they are in the world.

What makes Japan a safe place is its people. Kind and helpful, Japanese citizens will often go out of their way to help visitors. Seeped in traditions and cultural upbringing, women, can travel in the more rural areas of the country to enjoy something unique and exceptional. With so much diversity in the country, it is essential for first timers in Japan to take it slow and understand their surroundings before venturing out. Cities such as Tokyo can be busy and energetic no matter the time of day or night, but still should be tackled with caution. As a travel destination, Japan offers visitors some of the most exquisite experiences that are sure to impress and influence everyone who passes through.

The benefit of island getaways is that the confined space of an island or a resort makes it a lot safer. Spending time on a retreat is a great way to relax and let days go by. That does not mean there is not much to do on islands. Whether it is the inspirational women’s only SuperShe island in the Baltic Sea or the many high-end resorts of Maldives, guests have the option to connect with others, take luxurious spa treatments, indulge in fresh local food, and enjoy blissful sunsets sipping cocktails on the beach.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world and also the safest. The residents of the country are extremely helpful and friendly. While they typically mind their own business, a reason why many international stars like to spend their holidays here, the locals are fierce protectors of their country’s reputation. Travelers can quickly move around Switzerland because of their excellent and safe public transport system. A magnificent destination, even though it is expensive, women can travel throughout Switzerland without anything to worry.

Once again, the space limitation of a cruise ship makes it safer for solo women travelers. More than that though, cruises nowadays are floating entertainment centres, and individuals can partake in many activities on-board or relax and sunbathe to their heart’s content. However, when taking trips on land, it is advised that passengers book tours through the ship’s travel centre so that they can look after your safety when inside foreign nations.

The cultural diversity of Melbourne lists it among the best and safest places to live in the world. Solo travelers can discover the vibrant nightlife or indulge in some of the best culinary options in the city while enjoying the hospitality of Melbourne’s suburbs through well connected public transportation. The people of the city are welcoming, and their trademark calm and laid-back attitude is sure to rub off on you by the end of the trip.