As Brisbane becomes ever so rich with diverse cultures, so does the hospitality scene.

Outshining in this scene is Wau Kitcheñ and Bar, an Afro-fusion restaurant and creative space nestled one street away from Kangaroo Point’s reputable lookout. Bringing together the flavours from his pocket of the world in South Sudan with those from all over Africa, Owner and Chef Sam alongside his partner Pamela, are pushing boundaries both culinarily and culturally.

Tired and unsatisfied with how small African businesses in Brisbane are often pushed aside, not taken seriously or people feeling pity for them, Sam saw the opportunity to use his extensive hospitality experience and cultural heritage to change things up.

The dinging area is just as colourful and decorative as the food and brings a very wholesome and warm feel to your dining experience. Perfect for the family or a first (or second) date, you can choose from sitting both indoors or in the balmy outside area that exhibits beautiful wall art by a local African artist. Whilst listening to some true Afro beats, delve into the unique drink menu that ranges from coffee and beers to cocktails and mocktails, including the delicious Wau Special curacao, blueberries, lemonade, mint and smoked cinnamon).

The blend of African and some western flavours make for fresh and unique dishes, and are just as diverse as the people that walk through the door looking to try this new dining experience. Sam says the creation of his ever-changing fusion recipes are a reflection of our multicultural Australia constantly creating a new identity for itself. “It’s about being OK with growing and being different,” he says. “There is a lot that just one restaurant can give to society.”

This power couple have certainly created more than just a restaurant. Their restaurant co-functions as a space for local African artists wanting a platform to showcase and express their talent. Pamela says, “We stand for the bigger picture, which is to continue to be that platform for in-house musicians and upcoming fashion designers who just want a comfortable space where they can do something and not feel discriminated against”.

Located in a heritage-listed building, the couple have also focused on sustainability by limiting their waste, sourcing local ingredients, and by upcycling their furniture and decorations, with majority of it coming from Reverse Garbage in Woolloongabba or from friends.

Wau Kitcheñ and Bar is a gamechanger, it is the sign of our times and a must-try dining experience like no other. Opening hours are 6:30-10pm Tuesday-Sunday.

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