Brisbane based accessories brand article: has united with leading labels in the #WeWearAustralian campaign to encourage Australians to shop locally.

Fashion creative Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley of article: has joined with a long list of coveted Australian fashion designers in a new initiative #WeWearAustralian, which is a collective effort to raise awareness for Aussie brands who have been greatly impacted by the global pandemic, by encouraging people to visit the designer’s e-commerce websites.

Led by Richard Poulson, Co-Founder of Morrison and CEO of Showroom-X, and supported by the Australian Fashion Council, the initiative is to rebuild the fashion community by offering great incentives to the public, with an added goal of designers supporting other vulnerable communities impacted by the coronavirus crisis with each sale made via their websites. “The Australian fashion industry has never experienced tougher times,” Poulson, said. “But we are a creative and resilient industry, by uniting and putting a spotlight on the industry impact and response we are able to support each other and contribute to the rebuild of Australia.”

The impact the COVID-19 pandemic truly has been calamitous on Australian businesses and the Australian fashion industry has not been spared. It is a particularly challenging time for so many creatives with store closures and diminishing sales having devastating effects on Australian fashion labels. As a result of the retail industry closing simultaneously and without any foresight, many stores abandoned their orders resulting in designers being faced with numerous wholesale cancellations and therefore left stranded with excess stock.

By coming together and supporting these fellow Australians who work so hard, it will help them get through this most horrendous and fearful time. There really is no better time to support Aussie brands and our local fashion industry. Until 30 April, participating designers have pulled together special offers for their customers and in return, those participating brands make a donation to support two Australian charities Dress for Success and Thread Together.

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