Wicked will open at HOTA later this month, featuring a range of advanced digital and design elements which will enhance the magic and bring the iconic musical to life. Local tech company IKONIX is the production’s digital design wizards who will deliver a brand-new, tech-enhanced take on some of Wicked‘s iconic scenes.

Digital enhancements including projection mapping, dynamic projections and holograms will transform the production and create a unique audience experience. IKONIX’s Director Zachary Burton, said he and his team are looking forward to delivering these effects for such a beloved production, serving up multiple ‘wow factors’ by applying creativity to all digital facets of the show.“We are really excited to be a part of Wicked at HOTA this June and enhance the digital aspect of this production with features that have never been seen before in Australia,” he explains. “Audiences can expect a scroll of digital enhancements including mapping, projection and some truly awe-inspiring holograms.”

IKONIX are known for pushing conventional technology further and enhancing creativity in the industry, with experience working across big projects to offer one-off, unique productions and experiences for clients like Wicked. “Our team have spent between 200 to 300 hours in the development of this type of technology, so that it can bring a new dimension to stage production that would normally only be seen in movies,” Zachary said.

The digital design will complement an imaginative set by renowned designer Maria-Rose Payne, who is known for her multi-disciplinary works, design and creation for famous props in films including Aquaman, Thor: Ragnarök, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit to name a few. Maria-Rose describes her work on the set of Wicked as a delicate balance of what people might expect, with some modern twists and subtle hints of the Gold Coast which formed the inspiration behind her design. “The entire team behind the production are extremely passionate about what they do, and through Tim Hill’s direction, the interaction with the bespoke scenery really brings the set to life by doing so,” she said.

Maria-Rose returned home to the Gold Coast to work on Wicked over the past few months, following an inspiring career in set design which has seen her work overseas on various large-scale projects over the last decade.

Presented by Matt Ward Entertainment, Wicked the musical will take to the stage at HOTA from 25 June to 6 July.