For the first time, Brisbane wine lovers get the chance to be part of winemaking at City Winery. With fruit just weeks away from ripening, a group of budding wine enthusiasts will join the head winemakers from City Winery for a winemaking experience like no other.

Consumers will get the chance to follow and be part of the winemaking journey from bunches of grapes through to finished wine allowing them to experience the trials and tribulations of winemaking first hand. Running the course of the year, the inaugural City Winery vintage members will partake in everything from stomping on the fruit, through to plunging the ferments, blending up the final blend of the wine, bottling, labelling and of course sampling their very own drop!

City Winery co-founder and Head Winemaker Dave Cush said the vintage membership would give wine lovers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the industry. “People love the stories behind the wines they drink, whether it’s where the grapes are from or how it is made,” he said. “This is a really unique chance for people to become part of these stories.” Throughout the year members will be able to pop in, see the barrels of wine they’ve helped make and from time to time, check the wine’s progress with a barrel tasting. “This is going to be their wine! We want them to be as proud of it as we are of all the wines we make,” Cush said.

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