National developer Villa World, has been working with City of Gold Coast Council (COGCC), to rejuvenate a once forgotten part of Coombabah Wetlands. Their efforts have been recognised at state level by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA).

COGCC has won the coveted industry Infrastructure category of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Awards for Queensland, putting it on track to take on the country’s best in the national finals later this year. Villa World facilitated the works on behalf of COGCC and has spent more than $3 million rejuvenating and transforming the area into an urban wilderness of open space and waterways after the City of Gold Coast took control of the Coombabah Wetlands more than 10 years ago. The award recognises the park infrastructure works in Coombabah Lakelands which has seen the area which was once subject to illegal dumping and landfill, transformed into a beautiful natural oasis adjacent to Villa World’s $300 million Arundel Springs community.

“This has been a great outcome for everyone, especially the local residents who enjoy this beautiful part of the Gold Coast every day,” said Villa World’s Senior Development Manager Kevin Morse. “Through masterful design we have created freshwater lagoons, recreation space and walkways that engage an entire community and gets them active.” Morse explains the impacts of the Wetlands on the environment, stating that they have restored essential wildlife habitat for native species and delivered positive outcomes for flood management and water quality. Villa World also completed approximately $1.5 million in works which saw the creation of the Wetlands to improve Stormwater Quality within Coombabah Wetlands.

The award recognises the work at Coombabah Wetlands and Arundel Springs which enhances the experience of nature for the local residential community. The project has been described as an exemplary model of collaboration between landscape architecture, local government and the developer. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Awards broadly celebrate forward thinking, and innovative and diverse approaches by landscape architects.

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