Former professional dancer and choreographer, Andrea Rogers, originally created Xtend Barre, when she found herself struggling to find a fitness outlet that would allow her to combine serious conditioning with artistic movement. She had no idea that her renewed rendition of the traditional barre would blow up internationally.

On Monday 22 July, the studio held an event in which founder, Andrea, flew to Brisbane from New York to personally run the masterclass for The Butterfly Foundation at her St Lucia studio. The Butterfly Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to changing the culture and practice, in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. With The Butterfly Foundation’s ambassador Lexi Crouch and clinical psychologist Dr Peta Lilley as special guests, Andrea demonstrated what it meant to feel good in our own bodies.

Xtend Barre strives to celebrate body positivity, and encourages its members to aim for personal improvement and not perfection. Xtend Barre differs from regular barre, as it combines elegant dance-inspired moves with the exhilaration of high intensity workouts. The workouts are designed to help you feel powerful and improve your confidence.

The evening of the event, the energy was high and uplifting, energy buzzed around the room among the chitter chatter of excited participants. The classes are always easy to follow, but are also intense enough that you can feel it the next day.

After the special class, the Xtend Barre team gave a short presentation with special guests: Lexi Crouch from the Butterfly foundation, who gave a very touching and personal speech, and Dr Peta Lilley, a clinical psychologist who is an avid supporter of the Butterfly foundation and Xtend Barre. The night ended with champagne, cupcakes, and empowered participants.

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