Beyond roasting a delicious brew, coffee brand Allpress Espresso has seen a number of milestones in the past year, with the two most game changing milestones including the Allpress Flavour Finder, and the launch of the new global packaging redesign and roll-out.

The Allpress Flavour Finder is a mobile interactive platform and is used as an education tool to enhance the experience of wholesale customers, café regulars, and Allpress coffee drinkers when tasting coffee from the Allpress range. The application gathers valuable data on clients preferences and invites consumers to consider what they are tasting and learn more about the composition of the characteristics of their chosen brew.

Continuing with the theme of connecting with consumers beyond just coffee, Allpress’ new global packaging design has refined the Allpress language and graphics to create a powerful identity for each coffee blend. Allpress in-house design duo Kim Getley and Rob Lockyear created iconic visual representations for each blend, communicating the virtues and value of the contents.

General Manager of Allpress Espresso Australia Greg Glubb says these milestones have further solidified Allpress’ position as the leaders and innovators of the coffee industry. “We have always respected that coffee is a treasured ritual for many people, and the quality of their morning flat white or long black can affect the rest of their day. That is why we design for flavour, and coffee lovers can confidently go into any of the one-thousand plus cafes we supply around the world and know they will get a great brew,” says Greg.

After 17 years roasting coffee in Australia, establishing a presence in Queensland was always a key milestone to achieve. Allpress has created a space in the heart of Brisbane serving not only as an exceptional coffee, but a shared hub for the local community.

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