NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV infusion therapy, otherwise known as Brain Restoration Therapy is now being offered by Brisbane’s Kailo Wellness Medispa. This therapy has been described as the key to anti-aging and lifelong wellness and has gained popularity in the US and Europe for its benefits. Outcomes have been linked to anti-aging, increasing focus and energy levels, improving athletic endurance and even assists in detoxing from alcohol and drugs.

Resident Medical Aesthetic Practitioner Dr Edwina Morgan is excited to bring the new health concept to Brisbane. “Although new to the Australian market, this treatment is unlike anything the health and wellness industry has on offer,” Morgan said. “It’s an astounding product with benefits that are unheard of at this point.”

NAD+ is a naturally occurring co-enzyme found in all cells that promotes cell regeneration and the conversion of cellular energy, making it a safe procedure that produces sometimes unbelievable results. The treatment is know for pressing pause on aging as NAD+ quite literally ‘turns off’ the genes that accelerate ageing. Intravenous use of NAD+ extends the life of shortened DNA cells that act as the ageing clock in every cell, reducing the side effects of ageing.

Morgan says its recommended patients have the treatment once every four to six weeks depending on client needs. “NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, but replenishing stores repairs our DNA cells and is proven to reverse the aging process.”

Throughout the 45 minute to two hour infusion, the co-enzyme is placed in an IV and slowly dripped into the bloodstream, whilst under supervision of a Kailo nurse. Head Pharmacist of The Compounding Lab, Mary-Lou Condon says, “we focus on personalised medicine to create wellness and NAD+ infusions are an incredibly holistic approach to healing the body.”

NAD+ deficiencies are caused by stress, poor diet and inflammation so naturally the treatment is popular among athletes, highly stressed individuals and those who experience chronic fatigue. “The benefits of the treatment speak volumes with customers noticing considerable improvement in mood, energy and focus. This treatment could be the answer for those who are suffering,” Morgan explains.

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