Artist, designer and founder of “Article”, Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley has made a splash at this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Group show 1, showcasing a collection of luxe handbags, architectural  statement jewellery and accessories. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival is one of the most prestigious fashion gatherings in the state, and the fashion savvy crowd showed much appreciation when “Article” made it’s way down the runway.  The showcase was an Australian debut for “Article”, and the show consisted of models wearing paper white dresses that Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley designed, made and hand painted herself, paired with her showstopping collection.

Launched only six months ago, “Article” is a unique, accessible brand creating “limited edition” and “signature classic” capsule collections of artsy luxe accessories.  Allowing the wearer to customize pieces by assembling their own creative combinations with interchangeable and adjustable straps and charms that mix and match with the range of handbags and pochettes, this brand is distinctive and individual. Elizabeth is no stranger to the fashion world, with her well respected children’s wear brand “Eeeni Meeni Miini Moh + e3-M”, often photographed being worn by the children of Niomi Watts, Miranda Kerr, Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchette, Megan Gale and Hugh Jackman, recognised as one of Australia’s leading children’s brand.

“Article” truly is a unique brand, producing distinctive and individual pieces, something Elizabeth is passionate about. “I have always admired the impeccable craftsmanship and sophistication of the classic French and Italian luxury brands, and I also have a huge appetite for accessories. Being able to morph these two loves, with my passion for art, which was my first trade so to speak, has been incredible. Creating a new accessories brand, and one that does not compromise quality workmanship or artistic integrity, has been demanding, however the commitment has been well worth it.”

“Article” is a brand for those who don’t want to compromise on quality in search of a unique design.

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