For many, the name Lonely Planet has been synonymous with travel for decades. Their travel guides often graced bookshelves or coffee tables, tattered copies with worn pages and dusty spines ritualistically being passed from one traveller to another.

Today, however, travel is changing. With the rise of an eco-conscious society, sustainable travel alternatives have become more sought-after, too. And in this technological age, people can see spectacular sights at the push of a button. Since everything is so easily accessible, globe-trotters have shifted their travel destinations to those that will aid in their self-discovery. Lonely Planet recently surveyed more than 7,500 travellers from around the world, with 68% of those surveyed saying they now care more about sustainable travel than they used to. Additionally, 60% view travel as more of an opportunity for personal growth than they previously did.

With these movements in mind, Lonely Planet created Travel Goals, a modern bucket list for responsible, healthy, feel-good travel. The book features a collection 120 transformative travel experiences, that are about more than just ticking off a list of far-away sights. From personally rewarding experiences like sleeping under the stars, or keeping only the company of whispering trees, to more ambitious challenges, such as helping communities and safe-guarding the environment – the experiences are about a life filled with variety and self-discovery. Each destination cherry-picked to be enriching in some way, either because it’s about forging stronger connections with the natural world, or even finding comfort in being alone.

To celebrate the release of Travel Goals, Lonely Planet has teamed up with World Nomads to give visitors to the chance of winning a $5,000 Travel Goals pack – to help inspire them to create positive, life-changing travel experiences.

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