Artisan Aesthetics Clinics which launched at the end of 2018 is establishing itself as a leader in the skin-health and wellness industry. Its most recent clinic opened at Bulimba. Artisan Aesthetic Clinic Bulimba specialises in a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments from laser and light therapies to cosmetic injectables.

The clinic is inspired by the humble form of the fisherman’s sinker, and features aged brass and burnished bronze highlight textured paneling sympathetic to the Queensland style.

Each Clinic is overseen by Artisan’s own medical board, led by Brisbane based Dr Linda Williams.  “We are committed to being at the forefront of driving brest practice, not just across our network of clinics, but within the industry”, Dr Williams said. The successful growth of Artisan Clinics is due to the bespoke, medically-driven treatment plans that are tailored to each individual.  As well as the latest medical grade skin rejuvenation treatments from leading Australian skincare brands, Artisan Clinics also offer cosmetic injectables, natural rejuvenation treatments through PRP, laser and light therapies, and dermal and body contouring treatments.

The group currently operates 16 clinics across Queensland, The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, expecting to open up to 90 clinics by 2021.  Dr Williams believes that artisan is not a one size fits all, “we make a conscious effort to provide each and every one of our clients with medically focused yet truly luxe experience that leaves them feeling confident and empowered”.

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