This eco-friendly home renovation in Hawthorne involved transforming a quaint two-bedroom cottage into a three-bedroom, two-storey masterpiece, with key aesthetic and functional improvements for the family. Wood finishes and an abundance of natural light throughout the home create the ideal living space that is both cosy and open.

The project was completed in stages, the first of which included lifting and moving the house on the 400sqm block. This was done to incorporate the home into a larger scheme which converted the block behind the home into a townhouse development. Naturally, the decision to include the house in the townhouse development had its advantages and limitations. Although this decision was not made lightly, it made for a wonderful partnership and stunning home transformation.

The property now sports a carefully curated garden and driveway that wraps around the side of the home to the new garage located at the back, beneath the kitchen. Not only was this change useful, but it enhanced the sleek elegant exterior of the home.

To optimise space and enhance the overall aesthetic of the property, the architecture firm, Dion Seminara Architecture fused the casual living area and deck into a single indoor/outdoor room. This provided an opportunity to craft a unique, immersive indoor/outdoor home experience, which is perfect for alfresco entertaining and relaxing without any direct exposure to the elements. This feature, combined with shutters throughout the home, also ensured the home was eco-friendly with impeccable natural temperature regulation. In addition to the extra square footage, the property now boasts a free moving floor plan and spacious interior architecture with high ceilings and open plan living spaces bathed in natural light.

The bathroom and kitchen were completed during the last stage of the renovation, the latter of which has become a picturesque centrepiece to the home. The serene clerestory and skylight interact dynamically with the black veneer kitchen cabinets and a statement red backsplash over the cooktop – a design choice that definitely injected some personality into the space.

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