The Gold Coast’s largest trick-art gallery ArtVo Illusions has opened its doors in Robina Town Centre. ArtVo Illusions is a 1481-metre square gallery featuring 80 floor to ceiling artworks across eight different zones. The gallery incorporates a clever immersive art experience fusing kaleidoscopic optical illusionary artworks that encourage visitors to interact with the gallery by becoming the art.

The gallery consists of a maze of larger-than-life illusory murals produced by 15 artists hailing from rural Korea. These murals can deceive the eye into thinking an individual is battling against a giant octopus in the depths of the ocean, taking shelter from a ghastly one-eyed monster or even surfing the ultimate pipelines.

Already a popular attraction in Melbourne, Gold Coasters will now be able to fill up their camera rolls with a range of scenes that will transform the humble selfie into a breathtaking masterpiece. For tourists, this is also a chance to take home a unique, visual souvenir from the Gold Coast and expected to be shared across social media platforms globally. The installation will be clearly marked with photo points on the ground to advise how to make the most of up to 80 photo opportunities.

Artvo Illusions spokesperson Eva Papadapolous explains how the gallery works. “By creating optical illusions through colour, shape and pattern, the installations remarkably trick the eye, which can be captured through photography. So unlike many other museums where photography is prohibited, iPhones and cameras are absolutely essential,” said Papadapolous.

ArtVo Illusions’ new installation at Robina Town Centre will add another exciting dimension to the array of entertainment available at Robina Town Centre and offers an experience that can be enjoyed by any age group.

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