Australian coffee culture has primed coffee to be consumed with milk, encouraging at-home coffee brand Nepresso to launch five of its latest blends this month for Original and Vertuo machines, expertly crafted to pair with milk. Nespresso experts have spent six years studying the interaction between coffee and milk to develop the new and permanent Barista Creations coffee range.

Throughout the developing process, Nespresso’s team experimented with 18 coffee origins from around the world, focusing on roasting and grinding techniques, to perfect a milky coffee at home with the Nespresso milk machines.

Nespresso Australia Coffee Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, says the Barista Creations range is the culmination of a journey, inspired by consumer expectations and the craftsmanship of professional baristas, to find the perfectly balanced coffee with milk.“In Australia, we love to think of ourselves as coffee connoisseurs, so it came as no surprise to learn that consumers, particularly Australians, have different preferences for how they like their coffee with milk,” said Monaghan.

“From this seemingly bean-sized insight, we started developing these new blends, which are specifically designed to be consumed milky. A team of coffee roasters, sensory experts, professional baristas, food scientists and engineers tested over 20,000 Cappuccinos from 18 different coffee regions, producing more than 120 different coffee prototypes, determined to find the key attributes of a coffee blend made to be drunk with milk” he said. “The result is Barista Creations.”

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