Bawah Reserve and its six previously uninhabited, forest-clad islands and 13 beaches of white hourglass sand will officially opened this week.

Situated 300 kilometres north east of Singapore at the southern end of Indonesia’s Anambas Archipelago, Bawah Reserve is an intimate, luxurious and sustainable retreat featuring 35 standalone suites and over-the-water bungalows that have been developed with the preservation of the island’s natural beauty in mind. The resort is accessible exclusively via its own amphibious seaplane. Executive Director of World Resorts of Distinction Tess Willcox said the reserve is the epitome of luxury. “It is the only retreat in Asia to include spa treatments in the price of booking and it houses a maximum of 70 guests at any one time, which makes each guest feel as though they are escaping to their own private island,” said Tess.

Bawah Reserve General Manager Tom Blachere worked alongside architect Sim Boon Yang, who is the founder partner and director of, to create a design that strikes a harmonious balance of luxury and modernity, while upholding its strong and sustainable approach towards the resort and its natural surroundings. Bawah Reserve is the first island group in Indonesia to be powered by a renewable micro grid, as no heavy machinery is allowed on the island. Hence, every mechanical process, from recycling stones to breaking boulders for building material, has been done by hand. All water is sourced on the island and recycled as drinking water, and the entire resort was hand-built from sustainable bamboo and other recycled material, such as driftwood and copper.

Tess further commented, “Bawah Reserve is an iconic romantic or honeymoon destination that also caters to outdoor adventurers as well as paradise seekers with an appetite for indulgence.”

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