Utter Nostalgia

Sometimes a book just hugs you.  No, I don’t mean one of those self-helpy-therapy type books, but a book that has the words and the setting and the politics of times that you just “get”.  So it is with Jennifer Bacia’s Dark Side of the Harbour.  This pacey thriller is a welcome relief from the explicit, gory, kill thrillers.  But first, let’s meet the author Jennifer Bacia.

Jennifer lives in Tenerife apartment that overlooks the Brisbane River.  It’s spacious and glam, glam, glam just like something in a novel – go figure.  And she’s just as gorgeous as her apartment. She’s warm and welcoming and has too many anecdotes for one person;  her life seems to be ripped from fictional pages. After meeting Sidney Sheldon and Colleen Mccullough, not at the same time, in her early career, she was inspired to finish a novel and find an agent. But not any ordinary agent. Yes, the great Selwa Anthony.  Anthony negotiated a “record advance” for Bacia’s first book (Shadows of Power now Indecent Ambition) and has been her agent for – ahem – a number of years and has, just recently sold Jennifer’s Dark Side of the Harbour to Booktopia.

Okay back to Dark Side of the Harbour. It’s set in the Swinging Sixties. Roughly.  It follows the loves and lives of Rose and Margot.  Rose is a country girl who envies Margot’s ambition and sophistication.  They meet two very different men and ….  The rest, well I won’t spoil it for you.  I’ll just say thriller, courage and deadly secrets.  It’s a page-turner.

Booktopia, you ask. Yes, the online bookstore has its own imprint.  In fact, Jennifer is one of their first authors.  Booktopia is releasing nine of her novels. Some with new titles and all with new covers, over the next few months.  Ebooks, paper books and audiobooks;  there’s plenty of Jennifer to go around:

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