Bakery Lane will welcome a naughty but nice addition to the Fortitude Valley precinct, with the opening of Samantha Fitzpatrick’s late night bakery Cakes & Shit on Saturday 10 March. Opening from 9am until late, Fitzpatrick wanted to break away from traditional commercial norms, offering Brisbane’s food scene wholesome baked goods akin to those made by Australian grandmothers, but with the “take no prisoners” passion of today’s working women.

“Excuse the pun but I didn’t want to be a cookie cutter; I wanted to open something that embraced my passionate side with the language to match,” Fitzpatrick said. “Cakes & Shit is all about baked goods with a bit of sass.”

Cakes & Shit will be offering a wide selection of artisan cupcakes decorated with raunchy one liners. Customers will also have the option of personalising these messages for delivery to their nearest and (maybe not so) dearest. “I’m putting my personal touch on this bakery, so I want my customers to be able to put their personal touch on our cakes.”

Cakes & Shit will be located next to partner Sam Holman’s The New Black Cafe shop, which will also be joining the Bakery Lane family. The New Black will serve up specialty roasted coffee in the morning, to grazing boards and drinks in the evening. It will mirror the comfortable atmosphere of Holman’s counterpart located in Brisbane’s CBD, Two Black Birds.

The couple will be operating under a “two hearts, one register” type system, with both establishments linking to cater  to Brisbane’s sweet, savoury and coffee needs.”We are so excited to take Bakery Lane by storm, and we’re ready to really have fun with Brisbane and bring our touch to people’s mouths, hearts and humour.”

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