Brisbane creative force Brandition has released its latest event and design concept the Bar-Cycle. Brandition has designed and built the Bar-Cycle to serve any type of cold beverage from its built in bar located on the back or side of a bicycle.

Brandition Director Michelle Loveday says she’s confident Brisbane will love the novelty party idea. “Brisbane hasn’t seen anything like the Bar-Cycle before,” said Michelle. “It is a fun, exciting, and unique way for brands to impress their guests, and will create memories that will linger for a long time.”

Suitable for beer, cocktails, wine, or mocktails, the Bar-Cycle is available in different designs and styles. The compact, back car Bar-Cycle is perfect for two small kegs or one large keg as it comes with two taps and suitable couplers, while the larger, sidecar Bar-Cycle has the option for up to three kegs, two of which could hold 50 litres each.

The Bar-Cycle is also a blank canvas, able to be branded with business logo’s, with unique messages able to be written on the menu board. Brandition was established in 2013 when Michelle identified a niche gap in the event and brand activation markets regarding the need for custom made, sustainable furniture.

Now known as a business where custom is king, the business has grown significantly and is now a leading supplier for a wide range of events throughout Queensland and interstate. “At Brandition, we believe every project is achievable. If you have a Big Idea, we can build or create it for you,” says Michelle.

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