Taco Bill is one of Australia’s oldest Mexican restaurant chains, last year celebrating its 50th birthday. CEO Tom Kartel says the brand has grown significantly across Australia.“We have come so far from the original restaurant on the Gold Coast in 1967. Back then we were the only Mexican restaurant in Australia.”

Now Taco Bills is also celebrating the sale of more than 50 million tacos, and to mark the occasion, the restaurants are giving away two free tacos to all dine-in customers on Thursday 22 March. Mr Kartel says he is excited to host the giveaway to celebrate the Taco Bill community’s ongoing loyalty.

“Taco Bill has grown into a household name that is known for its fresh ingredients and delicious food so it’s only fair we celebrate our latest milestone so everyone can get the chance to experience tasty and authentic Mexican food for free,” he said. “We want to give back to our loyal community of customers who have stood by us and allowed Taco Bill to grow into the thriving family of restaurants we are today. Not only have we recently reached 50, we are now celebrating a new milestone of selling 50 million tacos.

“Our recipes are from our Mexican family kitchen and we have distinctive flavours that our customers have come to love and enjoy.” Mr Kartel is encouraging all customers who enjoy a Mexican feed and a frozen margarita, to visit a Taco Bill location for free taco day. “We are giving away two free hard shell tacos to every single person, young and old, who dines in with us on the 22 March. Choose from chicken, beef or bean for dinner time at any Taco Bill location.

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