Lonely Planet has released its newest edition of The World’s Best Bowl Food, challenging the cook within by giving the reader access to 100 one pot recipes from cultures all around the globe. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s very best edible offerings come in a bowl. There’s just something hearty, wholesome and inviting about spheres of steaming soup, colourful poké, and aromatic pho that plating up can’t match.

The book is divided into six chapters being – breakfast bowls, soups, salads, pasta, stews and desserts. The book represent 46 destinations, with recipes that will set you up for the day, warm the core or humbly feed friends and family.

Explore the culture and cooking methods behind the planet’s most comforting meals with recipes for dishes such as Beouf bourguignon (France), Bibimbap (Korea), Red bean tagine (Morocco), Waldorf salad (USA) and Eton mess (England).

All recipes in the book are rated easy, medium or hard to re-create and include tasting notes and information about the origins of the dish. The book rates recipes from easy to hard and includes tasting notes and information about the dish’s origins.

This is the fifth release in Lonely Planet Food’s The World’s Best… series of food and drink books, following The World’s Best Street Food (2012), The World’s Best Spicy Food (2014), The World’s Best Drinks (2016) and The World’s Best Superfoods (2017).

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