Local sweet treat and fresh produce institution Cake & Bake, owned by Brisbane food icon Jocelyn Hancock will be moving to greener pastures in Newstead following the traditional Easter rush this year. For those wishing to reminisce about the memories made at 296 Montague Road West End, trade will continue up until 12 noon Saturday 20 April. This marks nearly four years in the 4001 area, with Hancock starting this venture in December 2015.

Hancock has made a decorated career for herself, attributing her love of fresh produce and food to her upbringing in the Darling Downs. After creating and running her artisan bakery Jocelyn’s Provisions for 14 years, Hancock sold her business to work for Doughnut Time Founder Damian Griffiths as a food consultant.

Hancock however couldn’t be kept away from the pastry cabinet forever, with her hidden love for baking leading her to open Cake & Bake in 2015. This patisserie incorporates her love for locally produced food featuring jams, fruit compotes and relishes under her new line, Hancock & Farm. Sourced from her childhood home of Braeside and through a network of local farmers, the shop showcases some of Queensland’s fresh quality produce for the residents in West End. Ambitious flavour combinations are given a contemporary twist with special limited edition recipes regularly released to keep customers on their toes.

Luckily for the people of Brisbane, Jocelyn Hancock will be re-opening her new store on Friday 26 April at 58 Commercial Road Newstead. The new shop will have all the fantastic treats you’d expect from Hancock, as well as a few new additions to the menu like banana, caramelised date and pecan cake and vegetarian brioche.

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