The Gold Coast Film Festival rolled out the red carpet for the world premiere of highly anticipated Locusts at Home of the Arts (HOTA) on Thursday 11 April. With 365 guest in attendance for the premiere, the glamourous evening included many local celebrities such as George Burgess and his wife Joanna Burgess (South Sydney NRL star and aspiring actor), Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, Dr Angus Watts (Writer and Producer), Heath Davis (Director), Nathaniel Dean (Alien: Covenant, OzFlix Awards 2019 nominee for Locusts), Peter Phelps (Lantana, Underbelly), Andy McPhee (Wolf Creek, Animal Kingdom), Caroline Brazier (Rogue, Rake), stuntwoman Ilana Collins, Amanda Blanks and Amanda Abate.

Readers also enjoyed seeing the Socials from the launch of Supercell Dance Festival.