A revolutionary exercise brand is bringing a force of CHANG3 to the Gold Coast’s fitness industry, boasting a unique wellness studio opening its doors in Broadbeach.

Handpicking the Gold Coast’s Oracle Boulevard as its flagship Australian location, CHANG3 goes beyond the cookie-cutter approach and takes a fresh spin on class-based training, by offering a complete fusion of exercise, mental wellness and lifestyle activities. Boasting a state-of-the-art facility, world-class trainers, world-class equipment across all training and practices, and a passion for the fusion of fitness and technology, CHANG? is the new normal of cross training you’ve been craving.

Meeting the Gold Coast’s laidback lifestyle, CHANG?’s all-inclusive membership includes the use of custom Currumbin Cycles Cruisers and surfboards, along with a variety of classes such as functional training, yoga, reformer pilates and meditation. Plus, for busy mums and dads who struggle to find time to squeeze in a workout, CHANG? has an incredible creche complete with Netflix to keep the little ones entertained.

The brand was conceptualised by a trio of fitness and business experts, Pete Haselhurst, Emma Pearson and Lucy Francis, to change the stale approach to fitness in Australia, creating a movement of real ‘change’ that welcomes its community to experience a new lifestyle journey together.

On the imminent opening, CHANG3 co-founder Pete Haselhurst said the centre’s people-first approach, empowers their members through infusing body and mind exercise with technology and lifestyle. “My passion for fitness comes from loving people and seeing the change physical and mental exercise can bring in every person,” Mr Haselhurst said.

“CHANG? is embracing all aspects of Gold Coast community, building partnerships with other like-minded businesses such as Currumbin Cycles, to collaborate in creating an opportunity to enhance and promote active lifestyles. We are really wanting to take advantage of the unique lifestyle the Gold Coast offers, helping our members to balance all aspects of their busy lives – services such as our complimentary creche allows for parents especially to prioritise their own health and wellbeing.”

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