Stand tall in the new shoes of Chiqui Alta, a Spanish shoe label founded by Brisbane local Marina Cid.

As a small shoe business for big feet, Ms Cid is on a mission to create beautiful shoes in larger sizes so that no tall foot is left out. Helping tall women find the perfect fit for their foot, the label prides itself on their dedication on pushing down the barriers for tall women in finding appropriate and well-supported shoes for their feet.

The spanish word Chiqui was inspired by her spanish teacher, but is also a colloquial and cute way of calling someone short. Ironically it is also used as a nickname for tall women. Alta is the spanish word for tall. The label includes a range of colourful ballet flats each handmade with high quality leather and come in sizes EU39 to EU46. Chiqui Alta’s “leather is soft enough to mould to your foot but of a quality that doesn’t expose every bump on your feet. These are also a great option if your foot is slightly wider.”

Ms Cid had previously launched her label in Valencia of February of this year, however the heartaches of COVID-19 has brought her and her family back to her native Brisbane earlier than anticipated. Whilst living in Spain, Ms Cid crafted this luxury line of ballet flats in a small village close to her residence at the time.

Now in Australia, Ms Cid successfully launched the label last Thursday, 19 November at Hello Gorgeous in Newstead where netballers, models and Brisbane fashionistas alike gathered to celebrate feeling comfortable and confident with their tall feet in a world that seldom caters for their size. The independent shoe retailer is live and ready for sale on line and to show the tall women of the world that their feet need to be celebrated rather than undivulged.

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