One of Australia’s leading health and fitness management companies Collective Wellness Group (CWG) hosted a unique Discovery Night at Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor on Wednesday 14 November.

The networking evening offered an insight into what it is like to own a successful fitness franchise, with guests having the opportunity to meet and hear from the General Manager and members of the CWG’s support team. Attendees also had the chance to speak to franchise owners who have transformed their life with the CWG brands, and talked about their experiences and learnings of owning a franchise. CWG’s Discovery Night provided insights on how everyday people can become their own boss and get involved in a life-changing investment.

CWG manages some of the biggest fitness and wellness brands in Australia and across the globe, including Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness and Xtend Barre. In 2008, Co-Founders Justin McDonell and Richard Peil launched American gym brand Anytime Fitness in Australia. It is now one of the nation’s biggest gym communities with 14.5 per cent market share. In 2015, CWG was born to encompass a growing number of empowering brands. The success of the franchise empire is a combination of superior business models, products and people.

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