An interactive science installation named Sky is on show in the heritage-listed Queens Gardens, located in the CBD, which is enabling people to choreograph the weather to their own human movement. It is one of 15 Curiocities that have been assembled as part of a trail of interactive installations along the Brisbane River, between the South Bank Cultural Precinct and Brisbane Powerhouse. The 15 Curiocities have been designed to challenge locals and visitors to embrace their curiosity and explore science and innovation, Brisbane, and their place in the universe.

Sky artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman said his inspiration for the unique science installation came from the earth’s sky and the unpredictability of the weather. “I think we all sometimes wish we had control over the weather, there are days when it’s too hot, too cold, too dry, not enough rain, and the list goes on,” Drake-Brockman said. “My installation invites locals and visitors to imagine a future with technology that allows perfect weather control. Sky consists of 32 air jets that, when activated, inflate brightly lit five-metre tall fabric plumes that ascend and surge with pulsations of pressure and swirling motion. It has eight microwave sensors that detect passing pedestrians and a computer that composes choreographic weather-pattern responses to human movement. This means anyone can have a bit of fun by walking past and whipping up their own storm, causing clouds and swirling winds to billow and surge together.”

The Star Entertainment Group Managing Director Queensland Geoff Hoggis said Treasury Brisbane is honoured to be hosting the exhibition. “We are proud to add this inaugural Curiocity Brisbane event to the long list of cultural, music, sporting, and community initiatives that we support across South East Queensland (SEQ),” said Hogg. “We hope Curiocity Brisbane will spark the imagination of locals and visitors and get them to be more curious about our beautiful river city. “We live in a dynamic and cultural city that is only going to become more vibrant in years to come when we open Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, which will help put Brisbane on the map as a global tourism, leisure, and entertainment destination.”

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