Local favourite Dandelion & Driftwood café is returning to Hendra and is set to open its doors at its new location at 20 Doncaster Road on February 28.

Lauded by the local Ascot, Clayfield, Hamilton, Hendra and surrounds community, Dandelion & Driftwood had garnered a fiercely loyal following when the first edition of Dandelion & Driftwood operated in the Hendra community for some eight years in a nearby location.  The second edition of Dandelion & Driftwood was at Brisbane’s International Airport but closed due to Covid-19 so re-opening in Hendra is poignant.

Set to surprise and delight fans with their seven day a week trading, Dandelion & Driftwood is now fully licenced and returns with many old favourites from their signature breakfast, lunch and fanfare high tea offerings but adding a new twist with ‘After Dark’ (yes, cocktails and a sumptuous dinner menu Thursday to Saturday evenings). Cake trolleys, exquisitely presented high teas, double decker food dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner where one deck is laden with savoury favourites while top deck features the D&D signature sweet waffle, along with coffee and tea tasting card for every curious and expressive customer, are just a few uniquely Dandelion & Driftwood charm specialities.

Dandelion & Driftwood is the brainchild of the coffee sensation duo, Penny and Peter Wolff of Wolff Coffee Roasters who revel in being able to educate, immerse and spread their love and passion for coffee and tea flavour explosions – another cornerstone of the incredibly unique Dandelion & Driftwood offering. “This exciting new chapter for Dandelion & Driftwood is an opportunity for us to bring our beloved local community an exceptionally inviting café experience but also bring high tea to the area and a chic ‘After Dark’ evening experience where we can’t wait to shake daring cocktails and deliver a stunning dinner menu – which is new for the Dandelion & Driftwood,” Penny said.

“We pride ourselves on Dandelion & Driftwood being that quirky venue that offers a chance for our customers to broaden their hearts, minds and palates to the endless possibilities of coffee and tea flavours, and we look forward to them being able to express their tastes with our new D&D tasting cards,” she said. “We are thrilled to be back with this new instalment of Dandelion & Driftwood and while lots is new – specifically on our menus thanks to our team of hand-picked chefs – we also can’t wait to be serving up old favourites such as our breakfast dishes, Dandy Man (corn and zucchini fritters, avocado with eggs) and Drifter Woman (old school potato rosti, smoked bacon with eggs).

“We are so proud of the longevity and following of our Dandelion & Driftwood brand and that each edition of D&D has enabled us to add some extra innovation so we are looking forward to seeing how the new D&D modern twists are received when our doors open on 28th February.”

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