This winter’s colour trends will be minimalist, casual, yet elegant with a scheme of cool greys and warm natural tones inspired by Dulux’s Essential Palette. This season will combine uncomplicated design with pale grey and accents of putty, rust, grey-green and terracotta to create the restful sanctuary that most of the people crave in the cooler months.

Dulux’s Colour and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr said that this palette is all about laidback sophistication and simplicity with its soft and muted shades and it is easy to live in Australian homes. “Colour is a powerful decorating tool. It can change the mood of a space and elicit emotions in those who spend time there,” said Andrea.

Even if people already have the warm neutrals in our homes, the Essential Palette is also the perfect pairing that we do not necessarily have to go all out when updating the colour scheme. “Sometimes small changes can create all the impact you need,” said Andrea. “If you’re cautious about introducing colour, start small.” Andrea suggests people look to add colour accents in unexpected spots, such as behind shelving, on the edge of doors or around a window frame.

By thinking walls with raw, matt finishes and textured effects, in addition to simple furniture with minimalist lines and accessories in untreated timber, leather and brass, it will add depth and natural appeal to space. Andrea said that understanding the mood we want to create is the key to making colour work in our home. “Knowing whether you want to add light and energy to a space, create a sense of drama, or set a calm, nurturing feel will give you the confidence to balance neutrals, brights and deeper shades, ” she said.

Creative Consultant and Stylist for Dulux Bree Leech advised that people should feature the things that make us happy, including items that have meaning and move away from decoration that does not resonate to curate our space.

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