As the longer evenings draw in, outdoor fire pit specialist Glow has shared its top tips to amp up this season’s outdoor entertainment in the cooler months. Glow is distributed by Northcote Pottery and works to provide quality outdoor heating, with an emphasis on design. Category Manager at Northcote Pottery Tim Trussell says in a recent Glow survey 72 per cent of respondents expressed their need to include warmth with good aesthetics when considering outdoor entertainment in the cooler months, and 68 per cent of participants choose a fire pit for its entertainment qualities and ambiance. “Aussies are a practical yet stylish lot,” he says.

Fire pits do not have to operate purely for warmth, rather they can be a stylish edition to any outdoor setting. This is why it is important to chose a fire pit based on how it can be incorporated into a backyard or patio space. Users will need to determine what the existing style of your space is and how the edition of the fire pit will influence this. The space available will also determine the size chosen.

Considering seating options around the fire pit is essential and some ideas include more permanent seating such as built-ins, as well as sofas, chairs and ottomans which allow for flexible casual seating and the ability for portability of the fire pit in smaller spaces.

To create warmth and ambiance in an outdoor area, add scents or herbs to a fire pit. Eucalyptus or fruit tree logs are a popular choice for a combination of modern and traditional fire log aromas. Simple home and garden ingredients, such as cinnamon sticks, or dried oranges can also work to provide a citrus twist. To keep mosquitos away naturally, whilst entertaining guests around the fire pit, burn sage or rosemary in the pit. This will also add a delicious earthy aroma to the outdoor space.

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