Since its establishment in 1998, My Health Yoga has evolved from a yoga and healing centre, to now offers classes and teacher training courses in both Broadbeach and New Farm locations. Now recognised as one of the original Teacher Training Programs in Australia, My Health Yoga continues to experience exceptional growth among local communities. Carrie-Anne Fields, the founder of My Health Yoga, is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced yoga teachers. She is an accredited Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and a board member of the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda.

Fields was inspired to start My Health Yoga in response to the lack of traditional yoga centres on the Gold Coast. “I felt the need to offer this service to the community,” Fields explains. No two of Fields’ days are the same, as she caters her classes to how her students feel. “My inspiration for daily flows is what ‘theme’ I am hearing from students. Some weeks people need emotional support, other weeks they need detox,” Fields says. “All modalities we offer from yoga to counselling to massage are all designed to nourish at a soul level and relieve the stress of modern living,” she continues.

Fields’ interest in spirituality and wellbeing was sparked by her professional studies in psychology. She is a trained psychologist and maintains the belief that “nature and simple daily soul rituals heal best.” However, Fields insists that the success of My Health Yoga is not merely her own handy work. She says that it is her regular customers who make My Health Yoga so vibrant. “We truly have the most beautiful customers who are so courageous and willing to take responsibility for their lives. I’ve seen so many of them manifest incredible success through their commitment to their spiritual path,” Fields insists.

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