Newstead-based natural beauty label Simplicité is celebrating 25 years of natural and organic skincare.

Co-founders Robin and herbalist David have grown the Australian brand over the past quarter of a century to now reach international waters, with the brand known for its fresh feel, and positive results.

Simplicité uses organic certified herbs, with each product containing powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and soluble vitamins to nourish, enrich, soothe, and protect the skin.

Before starting the brand David worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital treating people with sun damage.

He then gained an interest in herbal medicine and began using plant extracts to maintain healthy skin; as well as to treat issues such as early ageing, sensitivity and hyper pigmentation. 

The brand first came to life when co-founder Robin dropped her $150 name brand serum on the bathroom floor and tried to scrape it up. David, after looking at the ingredient list was stunned. “This might smell and feel nice but it won’t do anything to nurture your skin in the long term. I’ll make you something that will,” David had said.

After 25 years of productivity, the Brisbane-born label now exports to the UK, New Zealand, and America. The brands popularity even reaches so far as Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

David and Robin believe that good skin appears to others as vitality, with a healthy approach to life. Through Simplicite, the couple aim to enrich skin with pure ingredients and essential nutrients. The brand owners take pride in the pure, organic products they create in comparison to other skin care ranges that they claim use pre-made liquids or heavily diluting plant extracts. 

“We say that Simplicité is ‘Flower-Licious skin care’ because it is carefully formulated and does not compare to other brands as no one else does this,” says the couple.

The skin care range is made by a herbalist who uses pure aromatherapy essence and Australian bush-flowers. He also creates his own fresh medicinal grade herb and flower extracts.

David and Robin believe that organic and natural skin care has always suffered from the reputation of being ‘weak’. They explain that this is because many mainstream brands use harsh synthetic acids to achieve short term results.

“Our motto, however,  has always been: Simplicité – your best skin ever; using nutrients, the way Nature intended,” says Robin.

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