Australian based brand Mia Fratino delivers ethically crafted, high quality knitwear pieces, designed to last the test of time. Driven by director Tim Fitzpatrick and designer Amy Jones, Mia Fratino combines more than 30 years of luxury knitwear experience with a passion for ‘slow fashion’.

The brand’s ethos is cashmere with a conscience and this belief can be seen throughout Mia Fratino, challenging industry standards to provide the best possible service in all areas of the business. The brand philosophy remains dedicated to an ethical manufacturing process and proving a social conscience does not compromise quality or style. All garments and accessories are made at their Australian owned Sri Lankan factory, which provides an exploitation free and fully certified workplace to the highest standard. Mia Fratino is committed to giving back to the local Sri Lankan Community through the Mia Fratino Foundation (MFF). A portion of every purchase is donated to the MFF, which aims to fight women’s poverty in the region by providing mentoring and funding for local women to start their own business initiatives and projects.

Australians buy an average of 27 kilograms of new textiles every year. According to the ABS,  approximately 23 kilograms of textile waste is discarded into landfill each year per person, which accumulates to 500,000 tonnes in total per annum. Made from 100 per cent Mongolian cashmere, the products on offer at Mia Fratino are designed to last a decade, rather than the disposable fast fashion commonly found in Australia.

“Our designs are created with artisanal craftsmanship, the kind of care that is missing from trend-based fashion. Buying cashmere is an investment and we intend for our garments and accessories to be worn for at least five to ten years,” says co-founder Amy Jones.

Additionally, the brand offers a bespoke mending service and complimentary cashmere care kits with each purchase, encouraging repair and proper care of garments, rather than frequent replacements. They also aim to bring the consumer closer to the manufacturing and design process with their unique Pre-Order Studio. Customers are given the opportunity to be a part of the production process.