Brisbane-based technology company Tritium has been awarded the Premier of Queensland’s Exporter of the Year Award and the Manufacturing Award at the Australian Export Awards, announced a gala dinner on Thursday 11 October. The awards acknowledge the contribution that exporting businesses make to the state’s economy and as a winner of the Queensland Awards, Tritium automatically progresses as a national finalist at the Australian Export Awards held in Canberra on Tuesday 27 November.

Tritium specialises in the design and manufacture of DC fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV). Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Finn say that the future of the company is international. “While the Australian EV market continues to expand, global markets, particularly in parts of Europe and in the US, are far advanced and so 98 per cent of our business is exported,” David said. “It has been very satisfying to compete so successfully on the global stage and I thank all our team and our supporters in Australia for making this possible.”

Tritium EV chargers are deployed in 26 countries and in Australia alone, the company has more than 70 per cent market share. While David is pleased with the international expansion, he takes pride in his company’s roots.  “We now have more than 200 staff and counting and are expanding our operations in Brisbane, as well as having offices in the US and Europe,” David explained. “We continue to design and manufacture all our chargers in Brisbane and we’re proud to call Queensland home.”

2018 has been a standout year for Tritium, with highlights including the installation of its 50th fast EV charger in Australia and the unveiling of its world-beating Veefil-PK high-power charger which can add 150KM of range to an EV in just five minutes. Tritium was also chosen by IONITY in Europe as a technology partner to supply up to 400 chargers across a further 100 sites in Germany, France, UK, Norway and Sweden.

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