From the landscapes of Tuscany to the streets of Newstead, Florentine Italian Grill and Wine Room presents the art of Bistecca Alla Florentina, the renowned Italian specialty that is set to redefine steak in Brisbane. To delight all meat lovers, the new restaurant, presented by Gianni of Gianni’s Kitchen in Newstead and Gusto da Gianni of Portside, is the only restaurant in Queensland to provide the exclusive world-class Chianina beef cuts from Italy.

Considered the highest expression of Tuscan gastronomical achievement and sought-after by travellers from around the world, the most famous dish, La Bistecca Florentina, is the star and inspiration of Florentine Italian Grill.

Originating from the Chiana Valley in Central Italy and brought to Australia only through specialist DNA, the exclusive cattle breed is produced in South Gippsland in Victoria by the esteemed breeder Isola Chianina. The Chianina breed is free range, grass fed and chemical free and is renowned for being lean, dark in colour and retaining a special taste and tenderness due to fat marbling among the muscle.

Head butcher Les Croucher was behind Gianni’s vision to bring Chianina beef to the tables of Brisbane, perfecting the cuts for each Bistecca Alla Florentina. Designed to share, the enormous cut is always served rare and thick to ensure its tenderness, and it comes with Tuscan style potatoes on a hot Italian soapstone, to keep the meat warm with every bite.

The Modern Australian menu has a selection of courses including starters, bar food, entrees and mains to match a fine selection of handpicked Italian wines, as well as other drops from Australia and around the world.

The restaurant interior provides the perfect setting for a true hearty feast, with pops of rich heartwarming red tones, floor-to-ceiling wine racks and handcrafted wooden tables finished by The Slab Lab.

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