Fortune Distillery encapsulates the essence of Noosa in a unique sensory experience. Tim Crabtree is the mastermind behind the multi-faceted business’s branding, using his background in design engineering to craft a look, feel and taste that is fresh, premium and unique.

Crabtree was an avid traveller in his 20s and was eventually drawn to Noosa for its relaxed lifestyle and breathtaking scenic backdrop. It was here that he ran Noosa Longboards and reignited his passion for brands. “I view the alcohol industry as similar to the surf industry; creating products to enhance and complement people’s lifestyle.”

Land & Sea Brewery was Crabtree’s first venture in the liquor industry and this venture continues to operate alongside Fortune Distillery. The expansion to include a distillery with the already established brewery and restaurant has seen the launch of three new products: a signature dry gin, white malt and vodka.

Fortune Distillery brings a new facet to the Sunshine Coast, as the first boutique distillery to open its doors in the region, says Crabtree. The distillery operates alongside the brewery, allowing the dedicated team to extend its range. With five products already on the market, the team is just getting started. Exciting collaborations are underway with Noosa Food & Wine Festival and now late British pop artist Peter Phillips.

Crabtree and Head Distiller Jackson Boyd are a dynamic and passionate duo. The name ‘Fortune’ is symbolic of the pair’s own experience in setting up the vibrant business. Centred around the statement “fortune flavours the brave” the distillery has been designed to embody a sense of adventure, risk and luxury.

Crabtree strives to ensure drinkers at Fortune are engaging in an experience rather than just a drink. “Why not make the best gin and then have this brand design around it which encourages you to go out and have amazing days in paradise and then have a cocktail to celebrate the day,” says Crabtree.

With as much emphasis on the brand and experience as on the contents of the bottle, Crabtree is focused on creating a multi-faceted experience that embraces all elements. “That is why there are two of us. He designs what’s inside of the bottle and I design the outside,” says Crabtree.

Fortune’s housemade spirits undergo a labour intensive process that utilises high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Boyd describes the intoxicating nectar as refreshing, tropical and “Noosaesque” in a glass.

Each gin, vodka and white malt is hand bottled and labelled by the team, emphasising the boutique aspect of the distillery. Crabtree has recognised a desire for consumers to develop long lasting and authentic relationships with the craftspeople behind the products they purchase. Crabtree and his team extend the consumption experience beyond the bar by offering tours that allow customers to immerse themselves in the distilling process.

Everybody is welcome at Fortune Distillery, from beer lovers to cocktail enthusiasts and even children and dogs. Crabtree and his team have created an establishment that prides itself on service and authenticity.

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