Sitting on idyllic Noosa Beach, water lapping at your feet while you drink an ice cold beer, is as close to paradise as you can be.

Land & Sea Brewery is making that dream a reality by crafting light and refreshing beers that perfectly pair with the sunlit Sunshine Coast scenery. Brewery owner Tim Crabtree could not imagine a better spot to start a brewery than his beloved seaside town.

“The location was always a given … Noosa was the inspiration behind the brand. Living simply, exploring the hinterlands, surfing the points, working hard and at the end of the day, taking a sip of our beer and feeling it all again.”

Originally from the UK, Tim has lived on the Sunshine Coast for “around a decade”. He fell for the seaside town and his design and branding background started his mind whirring with new product ideas. “I have always had an interest in drinking great beer and making great things so why not put the two together? The fact that our product is beer, makes it all the more fun.”

Tim had always had a “keen interest in the craft beer scene”, so he developed a range of light, easy drinking beers that were perfect after a day at the beach. His passion for beer, combined with a winning location, allowed Tim and his team to finetune their brewing craftsmanship. “We apply a quiet, thought out, scientific approach to creating our beer, yet we always leave room for creativity and the unknown. Like any adventure you have to leave a little to chance. It’s the only way to create something unique and memorable. We do no filtering and use no process aids at all. It’s the purest beer can be — just four ingredients.”

Tim gives his team free reign to explore new ideas — no matter how crazy they may seem. A recent flavour combination came from their innovative staff brewing program, giving the team the opportunity to step up from avid home brewers to flavour inventors. Staffer Cam-Asher Bond created Cherry Saison, a blend of sweet cherries, pilsner and wheat malts, champagne and a saison base, complete with a dark red colour and pink head.

In building the brewery itself, Tim wanted to create a communal space that allowed locals and tourists alike to learn about the brewing process. He designed the space as carefully as he fashions a tipple, shaping an open plan brewery with large timber tables and bar stools, framed by floor to ceiling windows and a feature bar. Above, greenery hangs from the tin roof, lifting the minimalist interior. “The fitout was to create a relaxed environment in an industrial setting that helps people kick back and enjoy a beer. The layout was designed to accommodate big groups and be kid friendly, as a place for families to get together.”

With a full breakfast and main course menu and a slew of unique beer flavours to try, Tim’s passion project quenches even the more persistent of thirsts.