Perched atop a plateau on the edge of the World Heritage listed Lamington National Park, Hazelwood Estate is the epitome of sublime living.

The Beechmont estate boasts scenic views of the hinterland’s deep green forest valley on one side, and the infinite blue shoreline of the Gold Coast on the other. This part of the Scenic Rim region is known for its walking trails, natural springs and ocean views.

The undeveloped property was purchased by a young man wishing to pursue his passion for polo in Queensland. Although the mountainous landscape of Beechmont was not the obvious location to establish a polo estate which requires a large area of flat land for a field, the owner was drawn to the vast rolling hills, peaceful nature and stunning views of the coastline. A few years later a home was built at the highest point of the estate for weekends, holidays and family celebrations. The perspective from atop the peak took advantage of the breathtaking views of the hinterland hillsides and overlooked what has since been developed into an equine training facility and private polo estate.

Since purchasing the property, horse training infrastructure, including stables, indoor and outdoor arenas, round yards and fencing have been established. A polo field has been created through an earthworks program that moved almost 100,000 cubic metres of soil.

Polo and thoroughbred horses come to Hazelwood Estate’s stables to rest and train from some of Australia’s top trainers and owners. Exposure to the varied inclines of the property aids horses with their balance and muscle development. The altitude, almost 2000 feet (approx. 610 metres) above sea level, is also supportive for training and spelling horses enabling them to enjoy a peaceful environment in which to relax and rejuvenate.

The stately abode has been designed with immaculate detail that attempts to capture a rustic aesthetic, with a modern touch. The owner focused on quality, functionality and authenticity in developing the main residence, with the intention being to encourage those who visit Hazelwood to escape from their daily lives, reconnect with nature and themselves, and get back to what is real. The interiors are very much in line with the owner’s overriding desire to create spaces that feel luxurious and high quality but still relaxed and livable.

At its core, the house embraces natural light with expansive windows that open to lush green paddocks and frame the dramatic weather patterns passing through the valleys. The furniture within the house contrasts light neutral tones against a combination of dark and light timber. The aim? An understated design that does not detract from the estate’s natural surrounds – a goal easily achieved.

The start and end of the day are most tranquil at Hazelwood Estate. The property as a whole has a calming effect on its inhabitants and all who visit. The luscious hinterland hillsides are beautiful and best viewed in the soft orange light as the sun rises over the ocean and sets over the national park.