Two major French organisations Le Cordon Bleu and Le Festival have joined forces for the first time to showcase the unique and exciting traditions of their culture, presenting Le Cordon Bleu Le Festival. Le Festival has been an iconic Brisbane cultural event for more than nine years and was a pioneer in introducing multi-cultural events to the city. Now for the first time, the globally renowned hospitality education institute, Le Cordon Bleu will take the event’s culinary experiences to breathtaking heights.

Le Cordon Bleu Australia COO Rudi Scheel said it was an exciting development of the festival. “We are delighted to continue our close association with the largest French festival in Australia to inspire visitors to explore and enjoy French cuisine and the unique culture,” Scheel said. Festival-goers can expect this year’s event to include show-stopping cooking masterclasses, demonstrations and presentations by some of Le Cordon Bleu’s most talented chefs.

Le Festival Director Betty Moinet says the partnership with Le Cordon Bleu will provide fresh opportunity for Le Festival to deliver a more diverse event à la française. “We have no doubt that this union will bring even more Francophiles to our event,” said Moinet. “Le Festival is committed to bringing to the people of Brisbane, and indeed, Queensland, the love of France and all that it produces, whether it be food, wine, music or art.”

With a reputation steeped in history, prestige and culinary excellence since its founding in Paris back in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu is a global leader in vocational and higher education in the culinary arts and hospitality management. Its French cooking techniques have inspired cuisines from all around the world and now the institute turns to teaching the next generation of qualified chefs in Queensland.

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