Australia & New Zealand’s best Gin’s have been tasted and judged at the 2019 Australian Gin Awards with ‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery winning Gold for their ‘Signature Dry Gin’, Sliver for the ‘Sum Yung Guys X Fortune Pho Gin’ & ‘Bronze for the Peter Phillips Navy Strength Gin’.

Since opening in March of this year, the Sunshine Coast Distillery has been working hard to create award winning craft spirits with the dream of winning gold, so to be recognised with a gold this early in the piece for their Signature Dry Gin is a huge achievement. “These are Australia’s most competitive Gin Awards, with one of the best judging teams in the world so to win Gold for one of our top sellers, the Signature Dry Gin is beyond exciting. The Signature Dry Gin was our first product so it’s great to receive recognition for our flagship product. This is also our first award for the Sum Yung Guys X Fortune Pho Gin, so to see such a unique Gin receive praise on such a large stage gives us the confidence to continue pushing the boundaries with our products.” said Jackson Boyd, Head Distiller.

The awards mark the Distilleries third lot of Major wins in just 9 months of operation, with ‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery celebrating their biggest win to date as a sign of what’s to come. “We’ve had a huge year, from launch to the release of our first Limited Release Strawberry Peppered Gin just this month. The public’s reaction to our products continues to exceed our expectations so awards like this just solidify what we’re trying to achieve. As the only Distillery on the Sunshine Coast we endeavor to make our spirits using local ingredients to produce drinks and an experience that emanate our amazing environment and it’s great to see that the judges are connecting with that.” said Jackson.

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