Queensland based social enterprise beer company, The Good Beer Co, has created a special edition beer to support CITIZEN REEF – the campaign to make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian Citizen. The Good Beer Co, LADBible Australia, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society have created a CITIZEN REEF edition of its award winning Great Barrier Beer Australian Lager, to help save the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Beer will donate ten percent from every sale to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, to help them fight the two major threats facing the Great Barrier Reef – climate change and pollution. “Great Barrier Beer aims to start conversations with everyday Aussies about the plight of the Great Barrier Reef so this was a no brainier for us,” said Founder of The Good Beer Co, James Grugeon. “CITIZEN REEF is a genius campaign to make our national icon, the Great Barrier Reef an Aussie Citizen, affording it the same rights and protections all of us enjoy – something all Australians can raise a glass to.”

Great Barrier Beer – a Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Bronze Medal Winner 2019, was voted one of the Hottest New Aussie Craft beers of 2018/19. It’s brewed for The Good Beer Co with all Australian ingredients by Ballistic Beer in Brisbane. The ground breaking beer’s work to champion conservation of our Great Barrier Reef to beer drinkers across Australia made it a finalist in the Banksia Sustainability Awards. It’s the first beer to use a marine life friendly six pack holder as an alternative to plastic in leading national bottle shop chains, BWS and Dan Murphys.

Reef and beer lovers can pre order this special edition CITIZEN REEF beer by going to Beer Cartel where it’s available to pre-order for nationwide delivery now. Over 55,000 Australians have already signed the petition to make the Reef an Australian Citizen.

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