A cheeky hole-in-the-wall laneway bar and kitchen Hellcat Maggie is opening behind Rich Lane in the heart of Brisbane City on Monday 16 July.

Reminiscent of the black alleys and rough streets of downtown New York, Hellcat Maggie is a fusion of everything old with a mysterious twist that constantly breaks the rules on the esteemed classics, offering simple, relaxed food and beverages.

Hellcat Maggie will open from 7am each day, serving corporate city goers a hearty morning meal or simple style lunch by experienced trained baristas. Breakfast begins Al Pacino-style, with The Godfather of all cappuccinos featuring Zeus coffee brewed straight from Humanity Coffee Co, Hellcat Maggie’s boutique coffee container bar. Boasting a breakfast menu that includes Toad in a Hole rolls filled with cheese and streaky bacon as well as classic Breakfast Tacos. Various scrumptious burgers and unique drinks such as Maggie’s Blood will also make visitors crave.

As the sun falls, the dark side of Hellcat Maggie awakens morphing into a cheeky playground where all bar and party goers can relish in quirky drinks, shared meals and their old family favourites with a twist. Hellcat Maggie provides a private event space set within the urban brick landscape which is not typically found in the traditional function venues. This place is all about bending the rules to give the people what they want and catering for customers’ need, offering a menu full of the best guilty food pleasures and a new kind of eating experience.

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