Created by Michelin-starred Chef Manjunath Mural, Saffron’s Sridhar Penumechu and Malt Dining’s Nick Pinn, Heritij is the latest restaurant to open its doors in Brisbane Quarter.

Heritij, playing on the word “heritage”, features an Asian—Indian fusion embracing its roots, culture and heirlooms. Customers can look forward to an exciting menu which is inspired by Indian and Asian cuisines and using the finest Australian produce traditional techniques. Dishes include Sambal Barra (Barramundi, Fresh Chilli, Sambal, Charred Silverbeet), Pomegranate Prawn (Banana Prawn, Pomegranate, Mace, Cardamom, Shisho, Warringal Green Salad), Kashmiri Lamb Shank (Yellow Chilli, Cinnamon, Clove, Traditional Bread, Saltbush Leaves) and more. In addition, the signature dish he Flambé Leg of Lamb, which will be flambéed at the table for diners to share, stems from royal influences from the Nawabs Of India and features Whole Roasted Spiced Lamb Leg, Heirloom Carrots, Beetroot and Mint Sauce.

Chef Mural is one of the first Indian Executive Chefs to score a Michelin Star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia. The Heritij is the next chapter in his culinary achievements where he can present Indian cuisine at its pinnacle on an international level. “Playing with ingredients, colours, flavours, presentation and garnishes makes me happy. I like the constant thinking it requires, and the way we can modify the cuisine, and shape it according to local demand, while still ensuring diners know it is Indian cuisine,” he said. “My dream is to share my style in presenting Indian cuisine in a way which is relevant to diners across the world, and that haute Indian cuisine will one day be as accepted as haute French dining. Creating Heritij in Brisbane with Sridhar and Nick will help to achieve more of that dream and I am excited to share our vision with Brisbane.”

Heritij will be open Monday to Saturday with private bookings and events on Sundays.

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