Hitching Post Bar and Grill in acreage green Pullenvale boasts an impressive craft brew list, boutique wine and ever-changing menu, creating an ideal space to gather that is not too close to the city havoc. Behind every memorable experience, other than locals and community spirit, is good food and behind every good meal is a passionate chef.

Head Chef Cody Milhench first delved into the world of cooking at age 16. After he helped cater for a graduation event at school, his teacher Sean Hortz sat him down and told him to give it a go. “I never realised how much I loved the rush and heat of the kitchen and the way I could express myself using a plate, until I stepped in one,” Milhench said. “I was 16 when I first got into the trade and my day consisted of school, work, staying up late to practice my knife skills and reading a book until I doze off and do it all again the next day.”

Milhench heard about Hitching Post Bar & Grill from a friend and instantly saw the potential. Now he thrives in the environment he loves best, creating “honest” meals made with seasonal ingredients. “I believe in good quality local ingredients and keeping things simple, and that’s what makes my menu different from other restaurants.”

Hitching Post Bar and Grill’s Facebook page is updated regularly with Milhench’s daily chef specials and ongoing weekly events.

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